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How it started...

It all started with a dream. Jonathan and his wife Melinda saw a vision of community co-creating Heaven On Earth together. They gave up the life they once knew to set out on an adventure to wake this dream to reality. After 6yrs of failures and miracles, it happened. Jonathan, Mel and a team of all-in, committed, heart-centered leaders came together and birthed the first Earthwaking Village in Platanillo de Baru, Costa Rica on Jan 7th, 2022!

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Earthwaking is a Movement

Earthwaking is a Movement.

It is a Shift from Blame to Responsibility.

From Consumer to Creator.

From Outside in to Inside out.

From Drain to Fountain

From Blackhole to Supernova!

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Meet the Soul Family

Welcome to our village. Meet our community, explore residential life, learn about our villages and villagers.

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Looking for an opportunity to ride the regenerative eco-village wave with or without residing in one?

Perhaps you feel inspired to build your own?

Interested in joining your soul family as an Village resident? Residents contribute their gifts/skills in exchange for room and board within our sovereign society.

We also offer a short-term work exchange program.

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For those who feel aligned with our mission and values and want to participate in forwarding the movement from your home, set up your account in the Virtual Village (High vibe Facebook alternative) to connect with our online community and events.

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Our New Earth Economy, Regenerative Land-Backed Currency & Marketplace...

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Our leadership training program,as well educational programs and transformation events play a vital role in empowering intentional community members with the essential skills and tools necessary for success.


Without these valuable resources, many communities are at a higher risk of failure. Our training equips participants with comprehensive training in conflict resolution, effective communication, and other crucial leadership skills, enabling them to navigate challenges, foster harmonious relationships, and create sustainable, thriving communities.


By providing community members with these invaluable tools, our program significantly increases the likelihood of long-term success and resilience for intentional communities

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Tropical Leaves
Tropical Leaves

The Founder's Book:

The 5 Step Road Map To Enlightenment, Prosperity, and Your Life's Purpose

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